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A nice surprise

After the bowling bomb I have been rather down, then on the morning news on 8, they are trying to get stuff for the kids in the foster network of Cleveland.

So I start thinking, hm mm, we have 25 bath baskets, so why not bring them? They are looking for personal stuff. Then I started thinking, well that is just for girls, I'll go to the store and see what I can come up with for boys.

Well, I find a ton of toys, I am standing in line and this gentleman looks and says, "Wow! You must have allot of kids!" I laugh and say no, these are all going to be given away, the ferret shelter I run is donating them.

He hands me $20 to put toward the toys. Didn't want a receipt or anything. Wow. It made me hopeful. So off to the dollar store and look for stuff for boys. Found some shampoo for men, with matching shave gel and after shave gel (all the same scent), got a bunch of toothbrushes with toothpaste, and some kids hand sanitizer. Figuring I would be spending around $75, the manager, stops and asks if I have lots of kids, boys in particular. I tell him no and explain.

He replies "That's wonderful!! Hey aren't you the ferret lady, the one that always donates $20 in toys to the Toys for Tots campaign when we first start it?" Yep. That would be me. Well, I got 20% off.

So tomorrow morning Sarah and I will be showing up at Fox 8 about 6 AM and deliver a bunch of stuff for the kids.

I know that the shelter needs money, lots of it for the building, and the stuff I bought, I could have put on the vet bill, but that wouldn't have made much of a dent. But maybe, just maybe, being a small non profit on a shoestring showing that we care will set an example for others. Maybe others will become involved.

Maybe a couple of the kids will have a good Holiday Season because of us. Maybe we can make some of the kids smile.

Eventually, the good returns ten fold. I have seen it happen.

Merry Christmas to our Christian friends, Happy Hanukkah to our Jewish friends, and Happy Kwanzaa to our African friends.

May your season be filled with laughter, hope, good health, happiness and prosperity, and may all of it be with you throughout your life.

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