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DIP, Sampson - August 8, 2011

It is never easy losing one of our kids, but we are especially heartbroken to write that our little Sampson has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. FURS' "Goodwill Ambassador" since he came to us last September, Sammie passed away quietly in the arms of Crystal Walko, our intake coordinator and 24/7 "ferret mom," during the early hours of Monday, August 8.

Sampson was surrendered to us in the fall of 2010, skinny and hairless, except for a small amount of hair on his head and tail. His owner, who was moving out of state, wrote on his surrender form that Sampson (whose age he estimated at 6) was very sick, lethargic, and "wobbly on his legs." He had gone so far as to get into the car to take Sammie to be euthanized, but could not bring himself to do so.

Crystal literally brought Sampson back to life with non-stop nursing, a vastly improved diet, and an unending supply of love and kisses. She documented his condition upon arrival at FURS and continued to post pix and comments on Facebook during the months he continued to improve and, ultimately, thrive. His tenacious grip on life and sheer personality catapulted Sampson to celebrity; he ultimately launched his own Facebook page and line of quality ferret bedding (Sampson's Cozy Corner, hand-made by our own Dona Clashman).

Sampson began to fade last week and made his final appearance at FURS' tent at the Tractor Supply Company (Macedonia) pet/rescue event on Saturday, August 6. It was hot that day, but Crystal made the decision that Sammie required constant attention, and she fed him his duck soup and nursed him around the clock until he passed. He was brave to the end, when he let us know it was time for him to go.

We will never, ever forget the little ferret would could -- and did -- steal our hearts with his personality and love for life. He was living, loving proof that what we do every day for these little ones is very necessary. And, that every ferret that comes to us, regardless of their condition, temperament, and circumstances, deserves the chance to live and thrive as Sampson did in the months that he was with us.

Our lives are a little less bright today, but the heavens have one more star. We will always love and miss you, Sampson. You gave us hope, and love, humor and grace. You made us smile and often laugh out loud at your antics. You welcomed new ferrets into the fold and taught every ‘hooman’ you met the joys of ferretdom.

You were, and always will be, “Da Sampson.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

She gave that little angel almost a year of joy versus the few days left of misery he had until he got her. Now he's got his wings back, and left footprints on many more hearts thanks to her.

7:40 PM  

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