Ferrets Unlimited Rescue Services

It's Raining Ferrets!

These last few weeks have strained our resources to the max!

As we mentioned, we have had to restrict our intake efforts due to funding constraints. This has limited us to accepting emergency turn-ins only.

Well, our definition of emergency specifically includes strays and turn-ins to animal welfare organizations and municipal animal control agencies.

So much for restricting our intakes.

In the last three weeks, we have had to take in TEN additional (count 'em!) ferrets: two ferrets rescued by the Garfield Heights animal warden; seven from Akron Humane Society, rescued from a home due to the incarceration of the owner; and one stray found in Painesville that was taken to the Lake Humane Society in Mentor.

Happily, all are healthy and adoptable, and now in foster care. Several have already found forever homes with wonderful adoptive families.

As we enter the holiday season, we hope you will continue to support our efforts so that ferrets in circumstances such as these have a chance at loving homes. A very special 'thank you' goes to animal rescue organizations like those listed above who work with us to make this happen.


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