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You left a ferret in a cage in the yard, over 24 hours, WHY?

You may want to know my husband found him today. Neighbor said that the cage was there yesterday.

You left this little boy in the heat??? Next to a shed, where neighborhood dogs and feral cats had a chance at him, where the sun gets an opportunity to beat down on him? You left him with two pieces of bologna for food? The water bottle laying on its side so he couldn't get water?

He was out there for over 24 hours, what were you thinking? The neighbor would see him? The neighbor doesn't save ferrets, he saw a cage with a crappy hammock in it, he thought that I must have left a cage there to take out with the trash. Thank God my husband has the sense to knows better and checked the cage.

I wasn't even home, I was on my way to do an education day at Petco, and the car broke down. What is even scarier is the fact that we were going to take the day and go for a long ride, and not come home till evening, but then the Wadsworth Petco had a grand opening and I thought maybe the shelter would be better served if I were there.

Let me guess, you are one of those folks who are on the waiting list to surrender, one of those folks who’s heart is breaking because they need to surrender their ferret because the ferret has become an inconvenience in their lives. One of those folks who knew that they had to move, but decided that they didn't have to spend time looking for a place that allows pets, I am sure that you cried the whole way while sneaking the cage into the back yard. Just like the one who brought a ferret in the trunk of her car two weeks ago. Oh, so heart broken.

I am sure your heart was breaking while you looked at apartments, I am sure your heart was breaking when you filled out the surrender form 9 days ago saying you have to move in 14 days, or however long you had. I am sure your heart was breaking when you got the email telling you we are at capacity, and waiting list is over four weeks, I am sure your heart was breaking when you read the suggestions I had for you to take a proactive role in finding a home for your ferret.

I am sure your heart was breaking when you found out that you weren't getting off the hook that easy, and I wasn't going to make you feel better about having to get up your ferret.

I am sure your heart was breaking, I hope you have nightmares you piece of sh**.


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